Wedding photography is more than pitching up on the day and snapping away. As a professional and experienced wedding photographer, you need to have immaculate people skills, close to perfect organisational skills to ensure you’re well prepared for the day, you need to have a massive amount of patience, humour and superb emotional intelligence, never mind leveraging your photographic eye and general photography skills.

It’s a big day for you as the bride and/or groom, close to one of the biggest days of your life. It’s important to have a photographer equipped with the skills mentioned above, otherwise you’ll be stuck. You’ll be stuck photos that you’ll hide away and want to destroy due to pure disappointment. A good wedding photographer has the ability to keep his/her nerve at all times on the day, be able to keep the bride and groom calm ‘enough’ to capture the photo’s that they deserve.

I have been a wedding photographer for many years, and have learnt and mastered these skills during this course of this time. I now love shooting weddings as it brings much joy and love into my course of work and life in general. It’s amazing to constantly be in the presence of loving couples, happy families and proud friends. These emotions shine through in my wedding photos.